National Rum Day


What a great holiday for a Friday! National Rum Day mmmmm.  After a long week, I can’t wait to sit back and have a rum cocktail.  I know a lot of people like having the classic “Captain and Coke” but I could never stand drinking coke with any alcohol cause it just makes me think of cough medicine, so I always drink my rum as part of a fruity concoction.  I also really like mojitos, especially if they are pomegranate flavored. has a great tribute page to rum for today’s celebration with pages like “Rum 101”, “The Five Biggest Rum Myths”, and “Rum Bars” along with numerous recipes for Rum cocktails (

As a side note, today is also National Roller Coaster day though I unfortunately will not be making it to Six Flags today to celebrate that.  I would also not recommend celebrating National Roller Coaster Day and National Rum Day at the same time.  I just envision that the outcome of that mix would be bad and also involve vomit.  However, if you drink enough rum tonight, it may feel like you’re on a roller coaster (though I do not advise this, please drink responsibly and don’t drink and drive).

So how do you celebrate?

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